Amadeus Offers

Amadeus Offers allows travel agencies to exchange and store travel proposals with travellers in a highly automated manner.
Several travel options can be compiled and sent to the customer with just a few clicks or entries. The customer may accept an offer by a click of a button directly from the Offer Notice. The accepted offer can be re-checked and confirmed into a booking in a single transaction.

Key features and benefits

Fast and simple

  • Reducing the manual workload of demand management to a minimum


Strengthening your brand

  • The Offer Notice can be customised with the Travel Agency logo and company colors to reflect the agency brand.


Single view of itinerary proposals

  • All Offers are stored in a single PNR for easy overview and can be easily refreshed to ensure information is up-to-date.


Easy to use

  • Thanks to an intuitive workflow, using existing booking and pricing flow, Amadeus Offers is easy to use, and extensive training is not required.


When things do not go as planned, your customers need clear travel alternatives quickly, and that they can easily accept. Handling involuntary changes is only one of the areas where Amadeus Offers come into play.

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