Amadeus Ticket Changer Refund

Amadeus Ticket Changer is an entirely automated suite of products that allows you to efficiently manage your customer's change requests in a matter of minutes. Whether re-pricing, re-issuing or refunding a ticket or itinerary, Amadeus Ticket Changer does all the work for you, helping you to reduce costs and providing your customers with an exceptional service.

Nextjet now available in ATC Refund!

4/5 2018: We are pleased to announce that Nextjet tickets are now available automatically with Amadeus Ticket Changer Refund solution. There are now 56 carriers available for you to refund your tickets - look them up with the FQNATC/CXR-command in Selling Platform cryptic environment.

Key features and benefits

Save time and money

  • ATC Refund delivers impressive efficiency and productivity gains by greatly reducing the time spent on refund processing.


Eliminate errors

  • ATC Refund eliminates the risk of errors, helping to secure revenue and reduce the number of debit memos.


Guaranteed results

  • ATC Refund supports recognised industry standards using ATPCO category 33 filed data, allowing Amadeus to guarantee automated refunds.


Streamlined processing

  • A fully automated refund calculation tool for all ticket and all published fares means fast, efficient handling for you and your customers.


Seamless integration

  • ATC Refund uses existing Auto-Refund expertise, meaning effortless integration and minmal training.


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