Corporate Traveler Hacks

How can we make corporate travel easier and more rewarding? Let's find out! In Corporate Traveler Hacks we meet different stakeholders from the travel industry and hear what they have to say.


Where can people with disabilities or special needs book their holiday accomodation? We talked to founder and CEO of Handiscover, Sebastien Archambeaud, about why he founded Handiscover and how they make travel accessible for people with disabilities and special needs. 


Travel Clearing

How can e-voucher make your expense management easier? We interviewed Tobias Persson, Head of Sales at Travel Clearing, a company that through centralized payment technology makes it possible to automate the travel and expense process.



Do you want to get more out of your bonus points? Check out our interview with Alexis Barnekow, CEO of  the start up Chatflights, and learn how Chatflights can help you make use of your bonus points.