White Label Merchandising Marketplace

Wouldn't it be great if you could offer your customers additonal services AFTER the booking of flight has taken place? With our White Label Merchandising Marketplace solution, you have a plug-and-play solution, which automizes the complete post-sales offering of ancillary services.

Amadeus White Label Merchandising allows travel agencies to generate additional revenues, by promoting and selling relevant ancillary services.

How it works

A traveller buys an air ticket, but hasn't booked any luggage or other ancillary services. At a predefined time - when it's most likely that the traveler will buy additional ancillaries* - these services are presented to him via an e-mail. The traveller can then simply add the services from his desktop or mobile phone, and the PNR is automatically updated. Your customer will only be presented with relevant ancillary services since the PNR automatically is screened beforehand.

It is easy to set up and does not require complicated technical integrations. Basically, it is a plug and play solution, which automises the complete post sales offering of ancillary services.

Key benefits

  • Earn additional revenues
  • Prove your value by offering relevant services when your customer wants it 
  • Cost effective implementation
  • Easy to use interface for your customers

*) Based on concrete booking data patterns we can predict when travelers are most likely to buy additional services.