What makes the Scandinavian travelers tick?

Why do the Scandinavian travelers choose a certain channel or travel provider? What pain points do they face when booking their leisure trip? To find out, we asked 1,500 travelers in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The results you can now find in our traveler report "What makes the Scandinavian travelers tick".

What makes the Scandinavian travelers tick - our leisure traveler report

We wanted to understand why the Scandinavian travelers make the choices they do during their travel planning and purchase process. In this report we have compiled our findings. We hope that these insights will be useful for you!

Meet the Scandinavian travel personas!

In our leisure report we have defined three traveler types: ‘Bargain Hunters’, ‘Safety Seekers’ and ‘Status Searchers’. To dive a bit deeper into these personas and better understand them, we have identified three of these personas at our Scandinavian office, and interviewed them.

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