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Out now: #1 2018  

Learn about how you can plan for a successful migration to Selling Platform Connect, gain some industry experts' perspectives on the future of corporate travel and what AI and elevators have in common - and how it can help you.

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 #7 2017

  • Improved customer service with Amadeus Offers
  • Accessible travel for all
  • SAS joins ATC Refund

 #6 2017  

  • Blockchain
  • Selling Platform Connect at Ticket Leisure

 #5 2017

  • Get deep industry insights from two interesting global reports
  • Dind more hotel content at your fingertips
  • Cool products and features for handling ancillary services.

 #4 2017 Efficiency and opportunities

  • Easier ticketing and involuntary changes
  • Frequently asked questions about Amadeus Selling Platform Connect
  • Travel innovations

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