B2B Wallet Prepaid

Amadeus B2B Wallet Prepaid comprises two virtual cards linked to the same account, which allows travel agencies to optimise their payments to suppliers regardless of whether they are selling offline or online. One card earns travel agencies a rebate on the amount spent, and the other helps avoid payment card surcharges applied by some travel providers. 

Amadeus B2B Wallet Prepaid – how does it work?

Imagine a single “wallet” with two virtual payment options. It has one card that allows you to save, by avoiding airline surcharges, and one that allows you to earn rebate on every purchase you make. That’s B2B Wallet in a nutshell.

Additionally, travel agents can free up time as both options are fully integrated with the selling interface, so payments can be made while booking a trip.

Since it is a prepaid virtual card solution, the travel agency needs to have enough funds in the designated bank account to be able to generate cards and to make the payment. It can be used to pay all Travel Providers including BSP content!

Additional benefits


Integrated in cryptic & Web Services

  • Fully integrated in the booking flow > Save time



Helps with reconciliation

  • Each virtual card number is unique and can be used to facilitate reconciliation, by associating each unique virtual card number to each booking  > Cost reduction



No implementation fee, no maintenance fees


Limit fraud

  • Travel Agency can place controls on the use of each virtual card number (specific timeframe, number of transactions (single use vs multiple use), amount loaded, currency, office ID and user ID restrictions, etc.).
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